Fantastic food and atmosphere

Good family run enterprise. Your experience begins when you walk into the door. All the food options are right in front of you with all the prices, so no menu is required. You dictate the main course, and they bring soup, salad along with your first direction. The conclusion of your meal provides fantastic dessert options. They are at an extra charge but optional of course. In case you have a special diet, and you speak to the chef daily before they turn you into a gluten-free meal or a vegan meal.

Repeat visit to this lovely little restaurant in a home. Entree, soup, and salad. They have the entrances displayed, you pick, and they heat up for you — costs recorded by each entree- from 80 pesos to maybe 200 pesos- most around 120. The meat and fish entree came with beautiful small mushroom pasta.

Add lemonade or iced tea and dessert if you would like to pay a bit extra. The tiramisu is the best, and it is full of mascarpone cheese. The soup has been minestrone, and the salad is easy with balsamic. We will visit here on each trip!

It is possible to eat outside or indoors, and it’s air-conditioned, once you walk into the door, you will think you are in Italy, there are usually 5 to 8 different courses it is possible to pick. Also, will come with salad soup, and drink, a pina or ice tea, they greet you at the door, beautiful tables and chairs, lots of locals eat there, that alone ought to tell you something. I’m not going to spoil it telling you exactly what they have for dessert, have it with a cup of coffee if you attempt this Italian restaurant once you return each day open for lunch.

Well, today we finally walked to La Cucina Italiana. It was worth the wait and the walk. The food was great. The waiter suggested to take the discover scuba cozumel for families. And the food tasted exactly like what an Italian grandma would create in her kitchen (as it is!). You go into the kitchen, and she shows one of the four or five dishes she made that day, and you pick what looks great (but it all seemed high).

Then you can sit for your meal in the kitchen or a charming outdoor courtyard. I had chicken parmigiana, and my wife had filled tortellini. Everything was very delicious, the people were, and the prices are very reasonable.

It’s a quiet, friendly hotel, with lovely food and flavor. The support is excellent too. You literally can not go wrong here. If you want Italian food, you will love it.