Another great trip to the Occidental Royal Level

We’ve stayed at this hotel ten occasions and 12 nights is our normal period of stay. This place can be a quiet, relaxing hotel with friendly, hard-working employees. The beach is beautiful, with lots of basses, so diving is an enjoyable activity.

We always tip bartenders, housekeeping and wait for staff, so we’ve got cash for tips, trips, hotel gift shop, etc. at the safe in our area. The staff always mention amazing activities like theĀ snorkeling tours in cozumel best known as the must-do on the island. Throughout our stay in January 2018, I discovered money missing from our city safe, and I didn’t know the specific amount required, less than $200.

Throughout our stay at January 2019 cash was taken out of our room secure and this time I know the precise sum, just two 50 dollar bills and a single 20 dollar bill.

This amount is a little bit of money, and it’s a shame we won’t return to some pleasant hotel as a consequence of the thefts. The January 2019 theft has been reported to control, and at a direct response, it said that digital surveillance gear signaled no unauthorized entrance to the secure. This thing is unfortunate since this implies thefts from space safes in this quiet, relaxing and enjoyable resort are most likely to last.

As always the support is excellent. Emma in the front desk is accommodating and fulfilled all of our requests. Lunch and breakfast are lovely, particularly the grilled salmon. The dinners didn’t measure up to previous decades.

I’d looked forward into the fish soup, but this season it had been lean and not full of all the variety of fish as it was in previous decades. 1 shrimp and one part of octopus was reasonably sparse. The wait staff in LaCarretta has been friendly, considerate, as well as excellent. Another three restaurants that are available to most Occidental guests continue to function food.

The sole drawback to this Sonora was that the sound level. It was quite loud and not conducive to dialogue.