Another Great Time

Fantastic Resort, with great amenities. Good food – friendly helpful staff – great beach! We had a terrific experience and intended to return. The dive store and staff were great – some of the best diving we’ve ever done.

We’ve stayed here seven days now, and are impressed each time we encounter. I advise you to read my other reviews over the years, plenty of excellent info.

It comes down to this, if you are the sort of person that finds a reason to complain, then you will discover your motives too. Should you seek reasons to enjoy your vacation, you’ll see plenty here! I leave my two pennies worth this opportunity to say Thanks to all the team there which make our stay so relaxing and pleasurable year in, year out.

A particular thank you for the next – Nadia – you try your best to deal with all our orders before arriving and while we’re there. She has been excellent with us. We’ll take your suggestion for theĀ cozumel jeep tour to see the best of Cozumel. Jesus – Your genuine great heart and soul put a grin on everyone face, old and young. Santos – Your type of nature and attention to detail sets you apart. Victor – the toughest beach bartender I understand (not that I know a whole lot, ha), Erica on the shore – Thank you for keeping the drinks coming with a big smile on your face. To the two women that operate the royal club desk, sorry I forgot your names, but won’t ignore your help with whatever we wanted.

This hotel was so much more beautiful than the images could convey. It’s a mission sense, and the reasons are a tropical forest. Even though it’s a more prominent hotel, it doesn’t feel like it because the chambers are in smaller group buildings.

Lovely beach and pool area. Staff was always friendly and amazing, and the massage providers were fantastic. I’ll certainly be back.

This experience was our second trip to Occidental Resort in Cozumel. We were amazed that several of the employees remembered us from our stay this past year and welcomed us back. The area was clean, comfortable, and spacious with a gorgeous balcony view of this well-maintained sweet floral, tropical woods. In the evenings, the housekeeping staff finished a lovely turndown service while we’re out.