A special place for a special night

We renewed our vows before in the afternoon on the beaches of Cozumel and desired a unique location for a particular day. We weren’t disappointed in the least. We greet with our Hostess who led us through their extravagant lobby while coordinating with two other couples that arrived at the same moment we did. We were shown to our table along the Caribbean with a stunning view of the sunset.

Our Maître de was instant, he welcomed us and explained the restaurant along with the appetizer and dinner specials. He also suggested some deep sea fishing riviera maya trip by a family-owned company. I have to notice that we had been treated like we were the only couple there and we truly appreciated it. Our waiter staff was attentive, exact, and cordial.

The food? The food has been an adventure we are still talking and raving about, and probably will for many years. Moreover, the sunset? If we never make to back to Cozumel, I want to thank everybody at Buccanos for providing us a unique night for a particular woman.

We just returned from our annual trip to Cozumel and went to Buccanos three occasions and had the most amazing meals! The owner and her son have left the total package ideal! The wait staff is first class, the new director is caring on in their heritage, and the chef continually serves an excellent menu! The view is spectacular! Can barely wait to see their latest restaurant when we return.

So we arrived at the place twice we loved it! So it’s everything! The whole package! Great support! Fantastic meals and amazing sunsets! They supplied blankets the very first time as it had rained earlier on. They also provided bug spray! So I could honestly say the service has been the best! Drinks food came within a short time, food was hot,and beverages were so amazing! The sunsets were amazing, and we will return next year!

We had a wonderful dining experience at Buccanos in Night throughout our stay in Cozumel. The food was divine, the atmosphere was fantastic, and support was spot-on. If you are seeking a pleasant dining experience, this is the place to go.

We went for dinner here last night with three other couples. Fantastic meal! The dining table shared an order of this lobster Mac & cheese. Everything was delicious. This is the best meal we have had in Cozumel.