A special place for a special night

We renewed our vows before in the afternoon on the beaches of Cozumel and desired a unique location for a particular day. We weren’t disappointed in the least. We greet with our Hostess who led us through their extravagant lobby while coordinating with two other couples that arrived at the same moment we did. We were shown to […]

Great Authentic Mexican Food

We had a late dinner, and it was excellent. The proprietor who was the waitress appears to look after all of them himself. She seemed somewhat overwhelmed by us along with another band which was there so that the support was slow. The food also isn’t pre-made and heated up like numerous restaurants so that it takes longer […]

Perfect tacos after a long flight!

My husband and husband ceased here March 2018 following a trip and stated they had the best tacos of this excursion, the service was both kind and real and it was a superb beginning to a fantastic family holiday. We’ve got a family company in the service business. Therefore we appreciate the effort and work that ends in […]

Another great trip to the Occidental Royal Level

We’ve stayed at this hotel ten occasions and 12 nights is our normal period of stay. This place can be a quiet, relaxing hotel with friendly, hard-working employees. The beach is beautiful, with lots of basses, so diving is an enjoyable activity. We always tip bartenders, housekeeping and wait for staff, so we’ve got cash for tips, trips, […]

Another Great Time

Fantastic Resort, with great amenities. Good food – friendly helpful staff – great beach! We had a terrific experience and intended to return. The dive store and staff were great – some of the best diving we’ve ever done. We’ve stayed here seven days now, and are impressed each time we encounter. I advise you to read my […]

The best Italian dining on the island!

We’ve dined at Francesco’s amazing restaurant annually since it started. The staff consistently provides excellent service. Our preferred dining area is on the second floor since it offers a gorgeous view of San Miguel de Cozumel. There are two or three outdoor tables on the street side, but it misses if those will be available when you arrive. […]

Fantastic food and atmosphere

Good family run enterprise. Your experience begins when you walk into the door. All the food options are right in front of you with all the prices, so no menu is required. You dictate the main course, and they bring soup, salad along with your first direction. The conclusion of your meal provides fantastic dessert options. They are […]

Best value for money on the island!

The resort is situated somewhat out the”tourist destination” that is just what I was hoping. The area was clean and comfy. Thank you! We came having had a very long day and were tired. They upgraded our room through the wait wasn’t so long that was great! Room was very spacious and clean. Wi-fi ran flawlessly. All to […]

Clean and Comfortable with an excellent staff!

The resort is in a superb location, near the Zocalo, sea, restaurants, pubs, shopping, as well as even banks. The hotel is two stories about a courtyard with tables, umbrellas, and chairs. Known for its residence turtles, they drift in and about the chairs and tables, we needed to be cautious not to measure them. The rooms are […]

Amazing spot in Cozumel

Well, we had been just on the island for one night, but our stay was so comfortable, and we’d recommend this small, tidy and welcoming service to all. We had use of a nice pool to cool in before walking through several areas from the brief walk downtown. Great location. The last touch was the excellent breakfast of […]